The aim of the Semantic Web Unit is to utilize the wealth of electronic data of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.) within the global Semantic Web (Web3.0) and Linked Data.

The Semantic Web Unit (SWU) works under the direct supervision of the Rectorate Authorities, as the operation and development of the Semantic Web in the Aristotle University and the participation of the University in the Linked Data and the e-governance is a prerequisite for the implementation of the communication strategy of the Aristotle University in today's globalized Knowledge Society.

For the effective implementation of the above the Semantic Web Unit participates in the configuration of A.U.Th. websites and Personal Websites of Users, coordinates the participation of the Aristotle University to the Open Linked Data and E-Government, and represents the Aristotle University on the Web at a National and International Actions and Relationships level.

The Semantic Web Unit (SWU) of A.U.Th., plans and coordinates actions in A.U.Th. for:

  1. The design, implementation and operation of the central site of A.U.Th.
  2. The upgrade of hosting for the personal websites of users to Web3.0 standards
  3. The implementation of the Linked Open Data, and adaptation of the e-Government within the Semantic Web, including:
    • Recording and Publication of the wealth of A.U.Th. open data
    • Linked Auth University - Publication of A.U.Th. open data with the principles of Linked Data
    • Creation of model Web Services which will benefit from A.U.Th. linked data
    • Maintenance and Enrichment of linked data
    • Creation of framework and infrastructure for development of standard applications from students, researchers, teachers who will combine A.U.Th. data
    • Creation of Semantic websites for Schools, Departments, Units
    • Official announcement system for A.U.Th.
    • Case Study: Converting http://noc.auth.gr and Web Services of NOC to Semantic Web.
  4. Representation of A.U.Th. to the WWW at a National and International Relations level, including:
    •  Participation of A.U.Th. in W3C
    •  Participation of A.U.Th. in OKFN Greece